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Common mistakes when setting up your no-code database

Hosted by Oli from Stacker
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More and more people are moving to using a no-code option for their database. There are many options to store your data: Airtable, Google Sheets, Baserow, and Notion to name but a few. These have loads of advantages over a traditional database, and are great for giving less technical members of your team access to the data that they need.

But setting up a database correctly from the beginning requires some planning and thought. It's really easy to set it up in such a way that it won't work long term, or adapt easily to the changes you'll inevitably need to make as it grows.

Liam Sanipe has seen all the mistakes people make when getting started with a fresh database, and in this 30 minute webinar he'll take you through how you can put your best foot forward when creating a database.