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Online Lunch Without Lunch 2022

Wed, Jan 26, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM UTC (+4 more)


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Wed, Jan 26
7:00 PM
Wed, Feb 2
7:00 PM
Wed, Feb 9
7:00 PM
Wed, Feb 16
7:00 PM
Wed, Feb 23
7:00 PM

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Our weekly connection for the tech and innovation ecosystem. Furthering entrepreneurs one conversation at a time.

Curious about what's happening in the innovation ecosystem in Alberta?

Join us at Lunch Without Lunch every Wednesday to hear about the players, events, and news that are making our innovation ecosystem thrive. This weekly meeting is a regular check on the pulse of the community, open to people of any age, wage, or stage of company.

LWOL features entrepreneurs who share their stories through the lens of the Rainforest Alberta Social Contract. Find out more by signing the Social Contract and checking out our Media Project.

Jan 5, 2022- Start off the new year at LWOL as we are joined by current post-secondary students, emerging leaders and recent grads from Sait's School for Advanced Digital Technology. We will hear from participants from their "How to Change the World" - a global leadership program.

Jan 12, 2022- Join Goodlawyer's Brett Colvin, as he shares the story of Goodlawyer and the exciting things happening in the new year!

Jan 19, 2022- Come and learn as we are joined by Meredith Wasney who shares the story behind Rallie and how they work to help more women invest.

Jan 26, 2022- Join avid Rainforester Adrian Mitchell as he shares the story of Cherry Health, a healthtech startup!

Feb 2, 2022- Come and learn as we are joined by Braeden Pauls who shares the story of FÜM and how they create a vapour-less and electronic-free natural inhaler that combines the benefits of plants, behavioural science and beautiful design to help people quit smoking.

Feb 9, 2022- Come and learn as we are joined by Kwame Asiedu of Braintoy. He'll share the story of Braintoy and how they use mIOS to make Machine Learning easy!

Feb 16, 2022-Stay tuned for details

Feb 23, 2022- Come and learn as we are joined by Temi Okesanya of Roadaider. Roadaider is a tech startup company dedicated to facilitating and simplifying roadside assistance and vehicle logistics services through their on-demand digitalized platforms.


Adam Casole-Buchanan
Alan Heil
Al Del Degan
Alisha Olandesca