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What's New: Yara Rulez! 🤙

Hosted by The Vertex Project
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In late 2020, FireEye announced that threat actors had gained unauthorized access to the company's red teaming tools. As part of the announcement, FireEye released multiple YARA rules designed to help other organizations detect the presence of those tools in their networks. In this What's New, our analysts will demonstrate automating threat hunting at scale by using Synapse to centrally create, test, manage and deploy YARA rulez!

Meet the Hosts

Ryann Winters Hallback, Principal Intelligence Analyst

​Prior to the Vertex Project, Ryann worked for IBM as a Global Threat Researcher contributing to the development of the new Incident Response and Intelligence Service business unit; conducting threat discovery and hunting, and tracking established and emerging threats. Ryann also served as a Principle Threat Intelligence Analyst and Functional Intelligence Lead at FireEye, and as a Computer Network Analyst for the Department of Defense.

Mary Beth Lee, Senior Intelligence Analyst

​Mary Beth Lee began her career in intelligence analysis at Mandiant in 2013. She previously worked at Symantec prior to joining The Vertex Project in 2019 as a Senior Intelligence Analyst. She holds a BA from Mount Holyoke College and an MA from Georgetown University.