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You Art Not Alone: Comaking & Coworking for Artists!


This is a multi-session event. Please select how you would like to join.
Wed, Jul 13
6:00 PM
Wed, Jul 27
6:00 PM
Wed, Aug 10
6:00 PM

Event Information

You Art Not Alone is a lightly structured comaking and coworking time for artists of any discipline, hosted by Francesca Montanile Lyons (@fmldrawsbutts) at Indy Hall.

It's time and space to work individually, but in community, on whatever you need to get done: finishing a project, working on an application, responding to emails, designing something new, etc.

There will be an optional warm up at the top to greet each other and get centered, and an optional group share out at the end to get feedback on something you've worked on &/or ask a question that has come up for you.

All are welcome!