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How I learned to stop worrying and love deployment - Raphaël Hoogvliets

About the event


  • How I got into the field of data science and MLOps.

  • Why my career evolved from data science to MLOps, to building teams.

  • A few key components for building successful teams in tech (or anything)

  • A few key components of building successful MLOps pipelines

About the speaker:

Raphaël Hoogvliets is a notable figure in the field of MLOps, known for his expertise as a data scientist and machine learning engineer. He is particularly recognized for his leadership and team-building skills within the technology sector. Raphaël is active in sharing his knowledge and insights on platforms like LinkedIn and Substack, where he regularly posts, and runs a newsletter. He shares learnings on MLOps from a variety of perspectives, including CxO-level strategies and beginner-level coding.

Currently, Raphaël is leading a team of 12 engineers at Eneco, a leading sustainable energy company that provides energy to 2m households and businesses.


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