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The Heart Of Nonduality: Monthly Group Meditation & Instruction

Hosted by Andrew Taggart
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At A Glance

Early on, we'll be meeting once a month for 1 hour with a view both (i) to understanding the perennial nondual teaching and (ii) to learning how to meditate in a seated posture.

Slightly Higher Resolution

These gatherings will have 3 intentions:

1.) To lay out the basic features of the perennial nondual teaching.

2.) To clarify whatever doubts you may have about the teaching or about practice.

3.) To learn how to meditate in a seated posture.

About Me

I'm a meditation teacher and a practical philosopher. You can learn more about me by visiting my website.

The Perennial Nondual Teaching

In passing, you may have come across statements like "Everything is one," "There is just one Reality," "Ordinary mind is Tao," or even "You are That." And yet, it might not be clear to you what any of these statements really means or whether any of them is actually true.

Together, we'll unpack what the perennial nondual teaching (which is found, for instance, in Zen Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Christian mysticism, Sufism, and so on) is getting at.

And through practice, we'll investigate whether this teaching is true.  


Some of you have sat and meditated now and again but may not have settled into a daily practice. Others have a daily practice but don't really understand "what it's all for" (see the section on the perennial nondual teaching above). Others have a dim longing for liberation--Waking Up, spiritual enlightenment, moksha, nirvana, freedom, etc.--but have no idea what this means in any robust, tangible sense. And some of you may be looking for a virtual sangha of some kind or another. 

During part of our time together, we'll be exploring the basics of a seated meditation practice. The essential point will be that learning to meditate is more like getting the hang of skillful improvisation and very little like following a recipe.


In all likelihood, each gathering will consist of 3 parts:

1.) Silent meditation: 10-15 minutes

2.) Satsang, that is, questions about practice and about the teaching: 30 minutes

3.) Guided meditation: 10-15 minutes


You can come as often as you like. I'm conceiving this as a "drop-in" sort of thing. Initially, we'll meet once a month. In time, we may meet every two weeks.


$5 or more. More details later on.