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IxDD 23 – Ethics, Equity + Responsibility

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​Hello Folks!

​“Ethical design is a commitment to creating products and experiences that enhance the well-being of all.” - Tim Brown

​We are organizing a meetup on the occasion of World Interaction Design Day for the design community in Ahmedabad! This year we will be discussing Ethics, Equity & Responsibility in the context of design.

​We have invited 3 speakers to share their perspectives on the subject-

#1 General Theory of Responsible Design

Speaker: Jui Pandya ( Founder, Senior Product Designer at Boop), (30 mins)

Jui will be talking about the "General Theory of Responsible Design” where she will explore the pillars and practices of designing products that are inclusive, ethical, and sustainable. She will also discuss the challenges of responsible design and how one can contribute in their role.

#2 Technology Addiction & The Psychology of Engagement

Speaker- Moxxie Maximus (Senior UX Strategist at Paperclip Design), (30 mins)

Moxxie’s topic will be “Technology Addiction & The Psychology of Engagement" wherein she will dive into the interaction psychology behind social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and X, which drive record levels of engagement, and infamously enable addictive behavior and compare those to the engagement tactics used by applications like Duolingo and Brilliant which attempt to foster more meaningful, productive habits of learning. She means to explore how we as designers can consider the impact of designing an experience, taking into consideration the emotional health of our users just as highly as engagement metrics.

#3 Designing with AI: The Ethical Challenges

Speaker- Manasi Barve (Principal UX Designer, Aubergine Solutions), (30 mins)

AI has changed the way we design. Manasi will be sharing her views on “Designing with AI: The Ethical Challenges". She will explore the various AI-based tools that help designers starting from research, all the way to testing. In this session, she will discuss the ethical considerations of using AI in design and some do’s and don’ts as a reference for designers.

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26th September'23
6 pm-7.30 pm