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UX Career Transitions Panel

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We've all been there – You're trying to figure out the next step in your career, and the world of UX design seems like the perfect fit, but how do you get started?

In this panel discussion moderated by Jennifer Kumura (UXHI Co-Organizer), we'll talk story with members of our community, Dori Yeh, Tyler Nishida, and Forrest Akemann. They'll share how they made their way into UX design and what they've learned along the way.

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About Dori

Dori Yeh is a UX Researcher at Meta (formerly Facebook) in San Francisco, California. Having spent her entire life in Honolulu, she unexpectedly fell into the UX industry after moving to San Francisco with no job or any knowledge of UX in June 2019. Prior to her current role at Meta, Dori’s worked for notable companies such as Levi’s, Illumina, and Charles Schwab. She’s known for her UX mentorship and career guidance, and her ability to enhance the culture and morale of any team she collaborates with.

About Forrest

Forrest Akemann is a product designer and design systems enthusiast at Mantle.

About Tyler

Tyler Nishida is the founding designer at Somm Says, where he joined as the first employee two years ago. He specializes in designing products and brand experiences for early-stage startups. Before transitioning to design, he was a career bartender, and DJ and ran his own CBD startup.