Write a Haiku for the DAO



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

To celebrate the transformation of our community into a DAO we have planned a series of events in May.

If you plan to join us in the workshop on DAO formation, please be sure to RSVP for the session on May 31th.

May 10: Join us for a Haiku Challenge on http://nifty.ink starting with a Haiku workshop by Founder of @NaviarRecords Marco Sebastiano Alessi.

May 17: Join us to play and learn. We will help you to remove any technical obstacles to write and submit your haiku and will start experimenting with the Gnosis Safe as a collaboration tool for artists. If you like, we can mint a new prize together into the safe using WalletConnect.

May 24: Artists panel & How to submit your haiku

4pm - In case you missed our workshop "Write a haiku for the DAO" with Marco Sebastiano Alessi we have a special offer for you: Meet us on May 24th at the Airmeet. We prepared a table "What is haiku" where we will share a replay of the workshop presentation. From 5pm we will give a step by step guide how you can submit your haiku for a chance to win a prize.

May 31: We are excited that Daniel Ospina of @RnDAO__ has accepted our invitation to facilitate a workshop on the formation of a DAO. Please use this chance to take a guided tour into DAO space and help us understand what a transformation into a Drawing DAO for nifty ink community would entail.

One hour before the workshops start we have reserved some time to meet and greet your friends and the nifty.ink community. Just join us at one of the tables after entering the event in Airmeet. Looking forward to see you.

Join us in Airmeet: