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🔥 Welcome to Prismic’s Monthly Onboarding session! 🔥

We can wait to show you around  and introduce you to all the features that make us the #1 choice for thousands of websites across the globe.  In this live session, you’ll be able to chat with the team  and ask questions throughout the session. In particular, we’ll be introducing you to:

 📖 Writing Content with Prismic

  • Creating new pages in Prismic

  • Editing existing pages

  • Scheduling your content

 ⚙️ Developing With Prismic

  • What are Slices, a.k.a.  how we build websites with Prismic!

  • Shipping new Slices using  our local tool, Slicemachine

  • Putting it all together to empower your content writers to build new pages

🔦 Resources and Community

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