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Join me to have a dialogue with Jesse Clemmens on how he quit his job at Facebook and started Clockwork, a platform and app that enables knowledge entrepreneurs to create and sell a new type of knowledge product.

Topics we will strive to cover:

+ Jesse's personal journey leading up to founding Clockwork

+ Why he is bullish on the creator ecosystem and passion economy - and why it was worth quitting his job at Facebook to pursue his company!

+ Challenges, accomplishments, and future roadmap of the company - and how micro-entrepreneurs and creators can use the innovative platform to scale income.

+ Advice to the micro-entrepreneur community

About the speaker:

Jesse is an entrepreneur building a product that empowers experts to make money through online mini-courses.

Prior to starting Clockwork he was a leader in partnership development at Facebook, programmatic ads at Google, and two startups with a combined ~$900M in successful exits.

We look forward to seeing you at this session to explore tools to enable knowledge workers for the future of work, and to learn a few tips from a founder building a platform for the passion economy.




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