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The Passion Economy with Adam Davidson and Li Jin

Hosted by Nathan Baschez
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Adam Davidson and Li Jin are two thought leaders in the Passion Economy: a new economy where people are able to leverage their passions and creativity in order to make a living.

Adam Davidson is the creator of NPR's Planet Money podcast and New Yorker staff writer who wrote "The Passion Economy," a book that explores stories of people who followed their dreams to craft a livelihood. He also writes a newsletter here:

Li Jin is a VC investor who wrote the seminal blog post "The Passion Economy and the Future of Work," who is actively investing in new platforms in the space. She previously worked on the consumer investing team at Andreessen Horowitz for 4 years before recently launching her own firm. She also regularly publishes a newsletter about consumer tech and the passion economy:

Moderated by Nathan Baschez of the Everything newsletter bundle, they will discuss topics including:

1) How did they independently arrive at their theses on the passion economy?

2) How do both of them even define the passion economy? What does it encompass?

3) Are marketplaces like Etsy examples of the Passion Economy?

4) What is investible in this space? Can big businesses be built if they empower workers?

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