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45 Sun Salutations - Birthday Tribute

Sat, Mar 26, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM UTC


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Event Information

It is my birthday and as a gift to you and myself I am leading a 45 - Sun Salutations yoga class.

During the class we will be moving with our breath using the standard sequence of Sun Salutation A.

All proceeds from the class will go to the Canadian Mental Health Association.


  • Yoga mat

  • Bottle of water


  • Please make sure the camera is ON and placed away enough from the mat so I can see your full body during class. This allows me to provide customized feedback and modifications to improve your practice.

  • Please make sure your phone is OFF or in Do Not Disturb mode to minimize distractions during the practice.


By signing up for this class, you are consenting to the class being recorded (your image or likeness might or might not show on the recording).

If you do not want to be recorded you can opt to turn your camera off.

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