Cover Image for Maritime SheEO Mixer - April '24
Cover Image for Maritime SheEO Mixer - April '24

Maritime SheEO Mixer - April '24

Hosted by Maritime SheEO
Past Event
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We're back with another SheEO Mixer!

March is the month where the world celebrates women. At Maritime SheEO, we would like to celebrate our lovely women in Maritime as well.

Session with Amri Saxena

A session on mental health

Note: This session will be 20-30 minutes long.

Speed Networking

Are you craving to speak with more incredible women? Unsure of how to leverage the Maritime SheEO Community?

Join us for speed networking that’s not only lots of fun but also boosts your network! There will be 2 rounds of speed networking that includes prompted conversations which lasts for 10 minutes.

Total Event Duration: 30 minutes showcase + 30 minute networking

We host this experience on a monthly basis to ensure you always have a fun way to grow your network and walk you through the latest developments on the app - trust us to ensure you have the best 60 minutes of the month.

Event will be hosted on Zoom