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Engaging virtual sessions are not a myth and anyone can host them!

Hosted by WorkRemote & Butter Community
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Have you ever asked a group a question, only to hear crickets in return? Is energy management in virtual sessions giving you headaches?

We’ll run through a series of workshop activities and approaches and bring them to life with the delightful features in Butter. Ready for some wonder?

Did you know that designing and maintaining meaningful engagement in virtual sessions is one of the main challenges facilitators face, besides tech overload?! If you are feeling this as well, this session may be for you!  

What you’ll get out of this session?

  • Get concrete tips to engage your participants and set your virtual sessions up for success!

  • Learn how to run a handful of workshop activities and approaches 

  • See Butter in action, and get an overview of the main features that help you plan and host engaging sessions

This free webinar is facilitated by Anamaria Dorgo, a Learning Experience Designer, Facilitator and the Head of Community at Butter. With degrees in psychology and human resources, as well as being a true lifelong learner, she creates engaging learning experiences for a global community. 

Butter brings all your team’s facilitation tools in one place. It’s the most delightful way to prepare, run, and recap your collaborative sessions!