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From worriers to warriors: How to support socially anxious young people

Hosted by KYDS
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Does your son/daughter/student frequently worry or avoid school, social gatherings or public events? Have their fears to engage in school or social activities worsened since lockdown?

​While social anxiety amongst young people is higher than ever, we have found a number of effective ways to manage it, to support young people, and to help them become more confident and capable versions of themselves.

​​Join Nick Kenny and KYDS Youth Development Service on Tuesday 3rd October at 1:00pm and Wednesday 4th October at 6:30pm (repeat) as he shares simple and practical guidance on how to help young people manage their social anxiety.  

​​Key takeaways include:

  • ​Empowering parents: Learn effective strategies to support your child and help them thrive in social situations

  • ​Understanding social anxiety: Gain insights into the challenges faced by young people with social anxiety

  • ​Practical coping techniques: Discover practical tools and techniques to empower them and build their self-confidence.

  • ​Build a supportive environment: Learn how to create a nurturing and understanding home environment that encourages growth and well-being

About the organisation:

​Since 2005, KYDS Youth Development Service has offered free and ongoing counselling to young people and their families with no mental health or GP referral needed. Their team of over 20 counsellors, youth workers and psychologists deliver over 6000 sessions to more than 400 families each year, with offices at Lindfield, Hornsby, Waitara, Avalon, Gordon, Kirribilli and St Ives.

​They have also delivered workshops and presentations in over 50 schools on mental health & resilience, transition to high school, young men’s & young women’s issues, and managing the HSC years.