OxBridge Law applications with Gwyn Guest Speaker: Viraansh (Oxford 2022 Admit)

Mon, Jan 17, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM UTC


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​The webinar provides key insights into applying for Law at Oxford or Cambridge with leading Education and Careers coach Gwyn Day.

We will also be joined ​​by Viraansh Bhanushali, who recently got an acceptance from St Peters College at Oxford University. Viraansh will speak to us about his journey with Rostrum and share critical insights about various stages of the application process. From participating in over 25 Model UN conferences to winning the Best Delegate award at IIT Bombay's Model UN, Viraansh's profile is diverse and impactful. 

The session includes but is not limited to; academic profile building, selecting the university, building your profile to fit the degree, the SOP, guiding teachers on your LOR, admission tests and academic interviews. 

​​There will be a 20-minute open forum Q&A to clarify/expand on points covered and help on any points not covered!

​​When - January 17th 2022

Website: www.rostrumedu.com

​​This webinar is complimentary and only requires registration.

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