Learn to build a Web Dashboard for Automated Door Lock System

Sat, Oct 9, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM UTC


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Event Information

This is a live online session where Gaunisha Gaanavi G will teach you to build a Web Dashboard for Automated Door Lock System.

What technologies will you learn in this session?
You will learn the basics of the following technologies:

  1. HTML, CSS and Javascript

  2. Building responsive websites

  3. Integrating external APIs with a web application

Other learning

  • Gaunisha who is the speaker for this session bagged an internship with a stipend in the web development domain.

  • She will also share how you too can get internships with an excellent stipend as a web developer.

More about the trainer:

Gaunisha Gaanavi G is currently pursuing 3rd year in Information Technology. She is also a Web Development Intern at Bolt IoT. She has a lot of interest in Web Development and has done many projects on it. She has participated in various Hackathons and is a quick learner and is open to a lot of new languages and frameworks.

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