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Cover Image for Melbourne/Naarm Social Conversations event
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​​​​The Millennial Crisis is a community of like-minded Millennials & Gen Z who are fed up with the idea of how "things are supposed to go". From working a shitty corporate 9-5 that is causing you mental distress, watching our "leaders" turn our economy and our environment to sh*t & feeling disconnected from friends and family who don’t understand how you want to live your life.

​​​​We believe we can learn & grow so much from relationships and open conversations! This space was created to connect you with others to discuss topics that are relevant to our generation. Ultimately leaving feeling a little less alone in our experience and with a little reminder that none of us really know wtf we are doing, and that’s OK!

​​​​Imagine the meaningful conversations you have travelling abroad or staying up late with great friends!
Our Conversation events run once a month across the globe, with an aim to turn digital relationships into real-life friendships 🙌

​​​​We are all about getting outside of your comfort zone and into your stretch zone so push through the awkwardness, self-doubt and fear you may feel leading up to the event, if you have any concerns or questions, we are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible so get in touch @themillennialcrisis on IG or

​​​​About Millennial Crisis:

​​​​Millennial Crisis, is a community run & led space, we run on a volunteer basis and host all of our events out of pocket. If you see value in our events and have the means, feel free (but not obliged) to donate to our community. These donations will be used to provide food/drinks for our events, to pay contractors to help us grow and to maintain our website/podcasts etc.

​​​​We aim to keep our main events free as we don't believe anybody should have to pay to connect with others, however for us to be sustainable and continue doing what we do. We appreciate anybody who is able to help, but please do not donate if you do not have the means!! This is a space for each of us to help where we can, some of us have the luxury of higher paying jobs and others serve our community in other ways :)

​​​​IF YOU’D LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE TO KEEPING OUR EVENTS FREE & HAVE THE MEANS, DONATE BELOW :) Our space is community run & lead meaning everybody who contributes their time is a volunteer. We are self funded and in order to ensure we are sustainable we would appreciate if you had the means to donate or to connect us with businesses/government bodies who may want to sponsor us or give us a grant to continue connecting young people!

​​​​Donate here:

​​​​We have a ZERO tolerance policy for poor behaviour, discrimination of any kind or derogatory language. By registering for our events you are acknowledging and agreeing to be a “good person”, by our definition we expect you to:

​​​​- Not use any form of discriminatory language

​​​​- Engage in respectful discourse when topics arise

​​​​- Not bully, belittle or make any other community member feel uncomfortable through inappropriate language or actions

​​​​- Lead with empathy, and engage in 2 way non combative communication

​​​​We lead with empathy, but promise to provide as safe of space for all of our community members as possible. As with all TMC events, this is a safe space for you to be 100% yourself, with no judgment so come and say hi!

​​​​The space: 

the Hive Abbotsford is a coworking space designed to feel like a home office away from home: hot desks, meeting rooms, and private offices.

​​​Head to our website for all of your Q's to be answered: 

What should I bring?
We will have food provided, with some options for dietary requirments - as our events run free we can't guarantee all dietary requirments will be met. Feel free to bring food if you like. Our catering is done by A1 Bakery Brunswick. We have some vego, vegan & GF/NF options but can't guarantee anything especially for those with severe allergies.

​​​​Notice of Filming and Photography:

​​​​Attendees consent to their filming and photography as participants to the event. By attending this event you agree to being filmed or photographed which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes. Seeing the event in action is likely what got you to the event so in order for us to spread the word and experience capturing the event is important to this community. Please do not attend if you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing.

The Hive Abbotsford
222 Hoddle St, Collingwood VIC 3067, Australia
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