The many career paths to and from Customer Success

Fri, Jun 25, 4:00 PM UTC


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Are you considering a career path into Customer Success? Or, are you a Customer Success Manager thinking about where to go next in your career? If so, this event is for you. 

We're thrilled to have an open discussion with Cybele Safadi. Cybele will share her story of how she broke into Customer Success, climbed her way to the top and how she decided to make another career pivot by moving into a Strategic Insights position at Betterment. In this talk we will go deep on topics such as:

Cybele Safadi is a former CX Team Lead turned Strategic Insights Associate at Betterment. As a third culture kid, she grew up surrounded by unique people and different cultures-- for this reason, she looks for opportunities where she can be a “connector.” She focuses on discovering the links between systems we build and the people we coach within them. She gets drunk on personality tests and buying cotton-scented candles. You can also follow her on IG where she talks about what it means to be a highly sensitive person in the workplace: @cybele.safadi 

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