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Get A Job and Grab the Bag: Negotiation Master Class

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This class is designed to help you articulate your value and stop leaving money on the table!  

Are you underpaid and undervalued and ready to look for a new job? 

Are you unemployed and want to make up for the money you lost with a huge raise?

Do you have trouble advocating for yourself because you can’t find the right words? 

Do you always just say yes to the first offer? 

Do you lack the confidence to negotiate even though you know you’re worth more? 

Do you agree that spending less sucks and making more money would be much more fun? 

This class will teach you the  best practices to increase your salary and total compensation, including: 

  • position yourself as a top performer

  • how to do research around salary

  • what to say when they ask your salary range

  • how to respond when they low-ball you

  • how to handle yearly reviews with managers

  • and more…

Remember, every successful salary negotiation is a cumulative benefit, and your salary will almost always continue to increase from there. If you negotiate a $5,000 salary increase for your first job, that single salary negotiation will be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you over your lifetime. If you never negotiate, you could lose over $600,000 or more by the time you're 60. There's no better time to learn and earn thousands of dollars more than your original offer in just a five-minute conversation or email.

About the Speaker:

Alison Taffel Rabinowitz (she/her) is a woman on a mission to help others learn the networking and negotiation skills needed to level up and stop leaving money on the table. She is the Founder of The Finishing School where she provides women with the scripts, strategies, and confidence boosters needed to level up in their current roles or land a new job with a higher paycheck and better benefits. She offers classes, career coaching, and content aimed at helping women close the gender pay gap one raise at a time. To date, she has helped women earn over one million dollars in raises!  You can learn more to earn more by visiting or for a steady stream of career advice and memes, follow Alison on Instagram

Hosted By
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