Stand-Up for DE&I (for corporate DE&I professionals, practitioners, and leaders)



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

IN THIS EVENT Jim Morris, author of the book Gaslights and Dog Whistles (releases on August 8) will help the audience create their own strategies to effectively engage in dialogue with people who are choosing to go along with fiction over facts when it comes to DEI&B.  

  • Learn what Critical Race Theory is, and isn’t, and become comfortable talking about it with DE&I skeptics

  • Make a shift from debating the topic to being curious and clear about your opinions on this topic, and how to share them

  • Explore effective strategies to talk about and address the real history of systemic oppression and disadvantage in the U.S.without prompting defensiveness or shame


  • “Internal” DE&I professionals who administer or oversee DE&I training

  • Senior leaders who struggle to effectively address programmatic concerns with skeptical or hostile employees/audiences


Since the claim that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is divisive and deleterious to the cultural fabric of the U.S., corporate DE&I, HR, Learning, and Talent Development professionals at all levels have had to defend the business case for why DE&I professional development is needed like never before. The skeptics and detractors have even had a handbook to help them attack DE&I. Now we have a handbook as well.

We can’t learn from the mistakes of the past if we can’t talk about them. It's time to defend the real history of racism in the US.