Cover Image for Risks and Safety in AI Model Development | All You Need to Know About AI Governance - Part 4
Cover Image for Risks and Safety in AI Model Development | All You Need to Know About AI Governance - Part 4
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Risks and Safety in AI Model Development | All You Need to Know About AI Governance - Part 4

Hosted by James Noh, BreezeML & Greg Erdman
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Join us for an enlightening webinar on "Risks and Safety in AI Model Development"! In this session, we'll discuss safety and risks related to the use of AI, with a particular focus on applications in finance and customer service. 🔎

This is the fourth session in BreezeML's "All You Need to Know About AI Governance" webinar series, a comprehensive crash course on AI governance that examines its principles and practical implementation, includes the perspectives of different practitioners involved (compliance officers, engineers, and auditors), and sheds light on associated issues such as AI safety and fairness/bias. 💡

Joining us this session are Charlie Lu, Former Head of AI/ML Model Risk Management at Barclays, a global bank headquartered in London, and Alisher Yuldashev, Head of Security and Privacy at ASAPP, a leading GenAI call center solution provider. 👏

Whether you're a compliance/legal officer, a machine learning engineer, a C-level executive, or just AI-curious, this is the event for you! Mark your calendars and let's make learning about AI governance the highlight of your Tuesday! 🥳

Note: this session will be recorded and the recording will be sent out to all registered attendees after the event, so if you cannot make the live session but would like to view the recording, please make sure to register! ✅

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Webinar agenda

  • intro

  • brief presentation by 1st speaker

  • brief presentation by 2nd speaker

  • panel discussion and Q&A with the live audience

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About BreezeML

BreezeML offers an AI governance platform that serves as a nexus between compliance/legal teams and data scientists. The platform employs an “AI governance from the ground up” methodology, enabling compliance teams to effortlessly specify and continually monitor governance policies over every AI workflow in their organization without relying on manual and tedious coordination with data science teams. By offering real-time guardrails during the development of a model, the reluctance from the data science team to incorporate compliance-related checks is reduced. BreezeML integrates with common MLOps tools and data stores to track end-to-end model provenance. It issues warnings upon detecting any risk of violating AI regulations, provides explanations and potential mitigation strategies, and supports instant audit reports that document both the history and current state of compliance.

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