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Get Started with HeyGen

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​​This live tutorial will teach you the principles you'll need to create an AI video using HeyGen's innovative technology! Join us for this webinar as CEO and Co-Founder Joshua Xu shows us some tricks and tips for creating quality AI videos for your business, classroom, or even your personal brand.

​​What's On The Agenda?

  • ​​Content Creation Made Easy: How to create your first AI video with HeyGen

  • ​​Introduction to HeyGen on Canva: You'll learn how to begin using HeyGen in Canva, which has unlimited possibilities for creativity.

  • ​​AI Avatars vs. TalkingPhoto: The differences between our AI avatars and TalkingPhoto.

  • ​​AI Script Generation: AI script generation with built-in GPT (you no longer need to use multiple platforms)

  • ​​Integration: Dive deep into integration, spotlighting features with Zapier.

​​These topics will help you make content creation fast, easy, and affordably.

​​Join us for the webinar and engage in a Live Q&A session to discover the art of creating captivating content that will set you apart from the competition. As a bonus, we will add a five-minute credit to each and every account that watches until the end.

​​When: Thursday, Sep 28th, 11:00 am PT/ 2:00 pm ET