Cover Image for Climate is the New Economy: Transforming our Food System
Cover Image for Climate is the New Economy: Transforming our Food System

Climate is the New Economy: Transforming our Food System

Hosted by Urban Future Lab
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The Climate is The New Economy by Brym and Urban Future Lab brings together new and established voices, including climate justice organizations, investors, startups, corporates, and policymakers to redefine business-as-usual by mapping out sector-focused solutions to help solve the climate crisis and ensure a just transition.  

For the third event in this New York-based series, our panelists will be focusing on community-driven climate solutions that are centered around food sovereignty. The traditional and dominant agricultural system commodifies food, erases local food systems, and contributes to environmental degradation. We recognize the power of collaboration and this panel aims to bridge the gap between funding, innovation, and climate justice.


  • Sarah Garland, Founder of Triple Helix

  • Yemi Amu, Founder of Oko Farms

  • Henry Obispo, Founder of ReBORN Farms 

  • Vijayta Rao Narang, Climate Fund Program Manager at CIV:LAB

Join us and connect with:

  • Founders

  • Accelerators + Incubators

  • Activists + Community-Based Organizations

  • Investors 

  • Corporates Committed to Decarbonization

  • Government Officials, Policymakers

  • A Growing Climate Workforce (Job / Internship Seekers)

  • Others interested in solving the climate crisis

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

About The Urban Future Lab

The Urban Future Lab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is a non-profit innovation hub for best-in-class climate tech startups with a focus on clean energy and sustainable urban infrastructure solutions.

We have raised $2.3B in venture capital, project finance, and grants, created 4,100+ jobs, and facilitated 100+ events with 2,000+ attendees per year. We are proud to champion the brightest minds in climate tech innovation, providing them with the necessary support and resources to scale up their transformative solutions while leveraging New York’s built environment and access to climate finance.

It is home to ACRE, New York’s longest-running climate tech incubator, Clean Start, an advanced certificate from NYU for people seeking a transition into the sector, the Carbon to Value Initiative, Low-Carbon Hydrogen Accelerator, and Offshore Wind Innovation Hub, which brings innovative technologies and solutions to industry leaders, and the Innovate UK Global Incubator Programme, which supports market entry in the US for UK based startups that can effectively scale and support the clean growth goals of New York State. ​

About Brym

Brym is a Global, Youth-Led Climate Movement building solutions at the intersection of climate innovation and social justice. Activating and connecting community members across 45+ countries, Brym is structured as a ‘Think-and-do-Tank’ envisioning new world systems that can help us combat the climate crisis. 

Combining a storytelling platform with an Action Lab, Brym produces case studies that uplift amazing solutions across the world AND leverages those stories to organize Community Based programming in the worlds of Food, Energy, Land & Water. In 2023, Brym also launched a consulting arm, advising early-stage Climate Organizations on Go-To-Market and Organizational Strategy.

In January 2024, Brym is launching their first ‘Community Food Program’ here in NYC! We’re excited to connect with community leaders, here in New York and beyond, focused on re-imagining our Global Food Systems in ways that deconstruct our extractive global systems in favor of a decentralized people power. 

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