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Mindfulness and Attachment Styles: Connecting with Ourselves, Connecting with Others

Hosted by The Mindfulness and Compassion Centre, Rachel & Erica Balfour
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Mindfulness and Attachment Theory: Connecting with Ourselves, Connecting with Others.

join us for a gentle exploration of how it is to meet our styles of attachment (in relationships), and where mindfulness and presence fits and supports us with this. This is a five week online course. Classes start at 6.30pm and run until 8pm.

Attachment patterns, while formed in childhood, are constantly evolving, just like our lives, and our relationships. Bringing mindful awareness to attune more compassionately to our patterns in relationships, perhaps withdrawal, avoidance, dependence, ’neediness’ etc., can lend itself to living and connecting with more ease, and security in ourselves. This course will facilitate some curiosity and reflection on how we are right now in our relationship to ourselves and others. It  is possible, with mindfulness and self-compassion to move towards more secure attachment templates. Learning how to bring a kindhearted presence to ourselves, to the life that's here, one moment at a time. It turns out that we can cultivate trust, kindness, acceptance and connection to our true selves. Over time through practice we can build a capacity to be at home with ourselves and this is a gateway to healthier relationship with others.

Whilst we will touch on some of the evidence base on attachment theory, we also invite a playful exploration and discussion on how it might be to gently hold these patterns with attention, acceptance and non judgement. Evidence suggests that It is possible to nurture and develop a secure base in ourselves through cultivating mindfulness, which lends itself to increased levels of resilience. (Yang and Oka, 2022). Among the many ways of connecting authentically with others, and so connecting genuinely/authentically within ourselves is through care, attention and kindness. These are qualities we cultivate in mindfulness practice, and prime us for a secure base. Our inner secure base can also be a soothing influence on those around us both young and old.