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About Event

Hey folks, finally - after brainstorming a good structure for our program : our TPG (The Phoenix Guild) Chapter Program will be live with the help of leads like you. This form is for you if you would be interested in leading a chapter in your college, city, country or even amongst a small group of people :).

What does it mean to be a Chapter Lead?

Incentives for TPG Chapter Leads 🚀

  • Opportunity to be considered for opportunities in our Ecosystem.

  • Access to all TPG Generated content to learn and become an advocate of decentralised tech and web3

  • Opportunity to attend travel-sponsored TPG events around the globe

  • Collab with fellow TPG Chapter Leads to become one of the top 3 Ambassadors for the pilot.

  • Awesome TPG Merch!

As a chapter lead you will have to wear many hats

  • Learn from our exclusive web3 content

  • Collab with other leads to plan bigger events within a province or zone

  • Create threads/blogs/videos to encourage and help folks in starting their journey in web3 to win bounties from the Guild

  • Conduct events and workshops around web3 within your chapter

  • Build web3 based projects within your guild

Let's gooooo!

This opportunity is for you to break into web3 both as a learner and a leader. If you have any queries regarding the program, don't hesitate to email us at