Cover Image for AI & Data Governance: Towards Responsible Innovation
Cover Image for AI & Data Governance: Towards Responsible Innovation
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AI & Data Governance: Towards Responsible Innovation

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In an era where AI's potential is boundless, the conversation around responsible data usage and governance has never been more critical. Xmartlabs invites you to an exclusive panel discussion that will delve into the heart of AI and Data Governance, illuminating the often-ignored yet critical synergy between these two fields.

Why Attend? 🤔
Understand the Risks: Explore the complexities of training AI with sensitive data, including privacy, intellectual property, and security risks.
Hear from the Experts: Seasoned professionals with a lot of experience to share (check them below)
Engage with Peers: Join a community of tech enthusiasts and professionals for an enriching dialogue on the future of AI governance.

Highlights ✨
Exclusive insights into how global entities manage data governance amidst operational and brand risks.
Real-world examples of the challenges corporations and creatives face in the AI space.
Practical advice on navigating AI and data governance's legal and regulatory landscape.

💻 Format: Online Expert Panel Discussion
🎤 Speakers: Nazila Alasti (Stanford University), Aleksejs Plotnikovs (former Data lead at Microsoft), and Agustin ( and Xmartlabs).

👉 Whether you're a professional in the field, a data enthusiast, or simply keen to understand the future of technology governance, this panel will provide valuable insights and discussions. Don't miss it!

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