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Driving Capital into Early-Stage Climate Hardware

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About Event

If you’re going to solve the climate problem, you can’t ignore early-stage hardware. Come join us to discuss how we can better evaluate and mitigate early-stage hardware risk and catalyze investment in the space.

Who is this for?

  • Newer investors who want to start, or already investing in early-stage climate hardware.

  • Generalist funds who want to move into climate. 

  • Startups who want to understand how hardware due diligence is done.


Host - Alinea Ventures - Jessie Lam

Jessie has over 17+ years of experience in operations and finance, with a career that brought her from New York to Hong Kong to Poland to Bahrain and back again. As co-founder and managing partner at Alinea Ventures, she leverages her operating and investment experience to help diverse founders of enterprise companies scale. Previously, Jessie was Partner & COO at Parameter Ventures, Partner & CFO at Brinc, a global venture accelerator and she has been a featured speaker at industry-leading events including TEDx, Collision, and RISE. She has 60+ portfolio companies over the course of her investment roles.

SOSV - Andrew Gollach

Andy is a principal investor at HAX and works closely with the portfolio of Deep Tech companies. He has an extensive technical background, having spent nearly 10 years in renewable fuels and traditional oil and gas industries as an engineer where he worked and lived in 9 different countries. Most notably, he led a team on the deployment of a first-of-a-kind low-carbon fuels facility and has been involved with operations of many more large CAPEX projects.

Closed Loop Ventures - Anne-Marie Kaluz

Anne-Marie joined Closed Loop Partners in 2021 and in an Investor in the Closed Loop Ventures Group. She leads sourcing, diligence, transactions, and portfolio management. Anne-Marie brings over 12 years of experience to the team with her diverse background in engineering, trading, investing, and business development. She has a BA in Civil Engineering with minors in Environmental Engineering and Economics from the University of Delaware.

Cisco Foundation - Jocelyn Matyas

Jocelyn is a systems-thinking specialist with knowledge in market-based approaches for today's most pressing social and environmental challenges. More personally, She is an individual that sees markets as communities and sustainability as the world's strongest business case. As a result, her work leverages innovation and investment to tackle the impacts of climate change and build more sustainable supply chains that protect our environment and promote inclusive economic growth.