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Wtf is a personal brand anyways?

Hosted by Brand Orchestrate, Nancy Lucas, Business Developer & Khadidja
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Personal branding

  • what does that mean?

  • What kind of doors will it open?

  • what are the challenges that come with it?

  • Why Should You Build A Personal Brand?

  • What's the risk of not building a personal brand

Let me introduce you to our great panelist who will give you all the answers and more in this first edition of this social event!

Guest Speakers

  1. Aarti Parmar
    Brand Strategist based in London and love raising the awareness in business leaders to mindfully create meaningful everyday moments through a collaborative process of brand strategy and coaching allowing them to bring their purpose and vision to life.

  2. Anks Patel
    People Strategist also based in the UK, Anks help disconnected professionals who strive for change to amplify the potential that resides in their brand.

  3. Nancy Lucas
    Business Strategist based in US, Virginia on a mission to help entrepreneurs build online authority so that they can confidently convert their audience into clients, and build sustainability systems, for more free time!

  4. Amine Hammou
    Community Strategist based in Algeria on a mission to rebrand branding, one commodity at a time ~ Amine's the founder of Brand Orchestrate, An orchestrated community for creative entrepreneurs who dare to bridge the gap between branding and business.

Happening on the 29th March 2022 - 1 pm EST / 6 pm BST

Make sure to be there and don't forget to share if you care ~