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Female Leadership in Disruptive Technologies by

Hosted by Ivanna Wendel, Wtech Lead Partner
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San Francisco, California
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WTECH's event is organized and operated solely by WTECH (not Yahoo Inc. nor any of its affiliates or brands, including TechCrunch).

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Learn leadership insights from those who inspire you! Dive into the awesome stories of women rocking the tech scene. Expect cool panel chats, success stories, and making new techie BFFs.

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💚 What is Wtech?
In the dynamic realm of tech world, Wtech has emerged as a beacon of empowerment since 2017. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, this international, dynamic community knitting together women leaders in tech and online business.

Wtech is more than just a community – it's a family of over 5,000 members, spanning 25 countries and 30+ branches. From the buzz of New York to the innovation hubs of San Francisco, and yes, the policy corridors of Washington, D.C., our mission resonates: to connect, uplift, and empower.

So, whether you're coding in California, brainstorming in Boston, or making waves in Washington, Wtech welcomes you with open arms and a world of possibilities.