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About Event
  • Are you curious about the latest innovations in the startup world?

  • Do you want to hear from passionate entrepreneurs who are disrupting industries with their cutting-edge products?

We're excited to invite you speak where we invite dynamic founders and leaders to share their journey and showcase their game-changing products!

Join the coolest tech ninjas in the bay!


  • Welcome and Introduction (5 mins)

    • Our host will kick off the event and introduce the format.

  • Up to 10 Lightning Talks (5 minutes each)

    • We've invited a select group of innovative startup founders to share their stories and present their products. Each speaker will have just 5 minutes to dazzle you with their vision and creativity.

  • Q&A Session (15 mins)

    • After the lightning talks, we'll open the floor to questions from the audience. This is your chance to engage directly with the speakers, ask about their experiences, and learn more about their startups.

  • Networking Session (20 mins)

    • Stick around after the event for a networking session. Connect with fellow attendees, exchange ideas, and maybe even discover potential collaborations.


Ninja_01: Jessica Breed
Talk_01: "Embracing Nomadic Passion: Finding Yourself and Your Work Anywhere in the World, at Any Age"

Ninja_02: Natalia Bielczyk, PhD
Talk_02: "What is the future of the job market in times of AI?"

Ninja_03: José María Ruiz de Velasco
Talk_03: "Challenges and Breakthroughs of LLMs."

Ninja_04: Kyle Casterline
Talk_04: "A few options for LLM code generation using open-interpreter"

Ninja_05: Jorge Zavala
Talk_05: "Traveling to Innovation a way to create the companies of the future."

Ninja_06: Atal Agarwal 💜
Talk_06: "How to win in Generative AI world?"

Ninja_07: Glen Mpani
Talk_07: "The intersection of political campaigns and AI-opportunities and threats."

Ninja_08: Elchin Mammadov, EnCE, CEH
Talk_08: "Windows Intrusion Analysis and evidence of program Execution: Prefetch, ShimCache, and Amcache"

Ninja_09: Eva Ngai
Talk_09: "LLM+Human-Like Agent. Neuroscience Gen AI Actuator for GPT."

Ninja_10: Sako M
Talk_10: "Building a Robust AI Reference - Stack: Safeguarding Security and Infrastructure"

Ninja_11: Mark Nadal
Talk_11: "Privacy protecting AI runtime. Local offline-first models. WebGPU/GL"

Ninja_12: Chidinma Kalu
Talk_12: "X Virtual /Augmented reality and AI in fashion"

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Thank you to Picaio team for taking care of food and drinks!