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World Supercomputer Summit 2023

Hosted by Suede | Hyper Oracle
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Podgorica, Glavni grad Podgorica
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Event recap:

The inaugural World Supercomputer Summit will take place the same week as EDCON 2023. Those who are passionte about the idea of Ethereum's world computer that can't be shut down - join us!

Learn about how topologically heterogeneous p2p networks complement and offer Ethereum consensus boundless computation and storage power via zero knowledge proof.

Featuring experts in verifiable compute, generative AI, zkML, etc.

- EthStorage (Qi)
- Hyper Oracle (Kartin, Norman)
- Modulus Labs (Daniel)
- Morph Studio (HZ)
- Poseidon ZKP (Shumo)
- Privacy & Scaling Explorations Team (Ethereum Foundation)
- Worldcoin (DCBuilder)


Co-hosted by EthStorage and Hyper Oracle