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World Supercomputer Community Day @Token2049

Hosted by Suede | ORA
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Event recap:

After the inaugural summit at EDCON 2023, World Supercomputer is coming to Southeast Asia! During the week of Ethereum Singapore and Token2049, we are hosting thought leaders who are bringing decentralized AI to blockchains, focusing on novel use cases and applications.

Building access details have been shared with all approved guests via email.

Due to space limit, we are not able to host all registered guests. Thank you for understanding and your interest!

9:30 Bringing AI/ML onchain for adoption - Delphinus Labs, Hyper Oracle, Zkonduit
10:30 ERC-4844: Addressing demand for data availability - Eigenlayer, Ethstorage
10:55 Break
11:10 What’s zkML REALLY for?
11:35 Smart contract on steroid with zkOracle
11:50 AI generated content in the music industry
12:00 Light refreshment
12:15 New breed of NFT: ERC-7007 implementation
12:35 Lightning talks - New applications and projects including decentralized credit, trustless war room, AI blockchain explorer, fully onchain derivative
13:05 Networking & Closing

Shoutout to our community partner ABCDE Capital who has shared their co-working space for this event, DWF Ventures for offering refreshment to give us a head start of the day, and Coinlive for covering World Supercomputer!

About World Supercomputer

Summit Recap | Visit Website | Join Telegram

World Supercomputer is a public good intiative advocating for decentralized Artificial Intelligence (dAI) for every individual - the Unstoppable Internet Brain.

Open-source, permissionless projects are welcome to join us. Our collaborators include Delphinus Lab, EthStorage, EZKL, Hyper Oracle, Modulus Labs, and Valida.

About the hosts

dao5 is an experimental cryptocurrency investment fund that will later convert into a decentralized autonomous organization (“DAO”).

EthStorage s a storage rollup built on top of Ethereum. EthStorage aims to reuse Ethereum mainnet security properties while greatly expanding Ethereum storage capacity with much lower cost - targeting Petabytes capacity with 1/1000x storage cost. EthStorage received 2 grants from the Ethereum Foundation and won 1st place from Edcon Super Demo 2023.

Hyper Oracle is building a programmable zkOracle protocol that decentralizes and secures dApps. zkOracle powers smart contract with arbitrary compute and trustless automation. Hyper Oracle offers the simplest way and developer friendly infra to create next-gen dApps.