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II UX Gym Summit: Pave Your Way to a UX Career

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Welcome to the first UX Gym Summit, an in-person UX event promoted by Bonanza Studios and Spiced Academy. Here we will be opening our doors to UX newcomers and ambitious students eager to level up their careers.

Us at Bonanza Studios believe in the power of connection, learning, and collaboration. And it is with that in mind that we have planned this event: to provide you with a platform for you to build meaningful connections with fellow designers, industry experts, and mentors who have already paved their way to their UX career.

This is your chance to immerse yourself in a diverse line-up of keynote talks and discussion panels, all led by UX design leaders. What sets the UX Gym Summit apart is our commitment to help you grow. This summit offers practical, actionable insights that you can immediately apply.

This event goes beyond just absorbing knowledge, here you'll find yourself actively participating in lively discussions, sharing your ideas, and gaining fresh perspectives that push the boundaries of your creativity. We understand that transitioning from a junior to senior and beyond can be challenging.

That's why the UX Gym Summit was designed, to provide you with the tools, connections, and know-how to seamlessly make that leap. Whether you're just starting out your UX path or looking to refine your skills, our carefully curated sessions cater to all skill levels, ensuring that everyone gains valuable insights and experiences to enrich their UX journey.

Join us at the first UX Gym Summit, where you'll not only learn and grow but also discover a community that shares your passion and drive for exceptional UX design. Secure your ticket as soon as possible, the number of seats are limited!


Behrad Mirafshar - Founder and CEO of Bonanza Studios.
Behrad Mirafshar is the founder and CEO of Bonanza Studios, a growth consultancy specialized in helping SaaS and Fintech startup. With over 13 years of experience in UX design and research, he has helped clients such as Zalando, wefox, Grover, and HomeServe to accelerate their product discovery and development processes using lean and agile methods.

Jarek Kwolek - Product Designer at Bonanza Studios.
Jarek is a Design system nerd with an engineering background. Closed multiple products with 500+ screens designed & worked with clients from multiple industries

Piotr Tomaszewski - Design Coach and Mentor
Piotr Tomaszewski is a Design Coach & Mentor based in Berlin. He began his career as a Product Designer, collaborating with startups and tech firms for the past 7 years, acquiring expertise in team leadership, hiring, and fostering professional growth. This journey led him to explore mentoring and coaching to assist designers in their career development. Initially incorporating these skills into his managerial roles, his strong dedication to coaching ultimately led him to choose it as the sole focus of his career.

Ricardo Brito - Work and Life Coach
Ricardo is a coach who works with people who want to reinvent their professional selves, find what’s next in their lives and redefine their relationship to work. With 15 years of experience in Design and Tech, he decided after a burnout, to take charge of his life and take a new professional route. For the last years as a transformational coach he empowered people to make life changing transitions, find their own path and create a professional life with meaning. Follow his newsletter Burning Thoughts.

Event Schedule

5:30pm: Doors Open

6:00pm - 6:15pm: Bonanza Studios Presentation - Behrad Mirafshar

6:15pm - 7:00pm: Keynote talk: From Self-Taught UX Designer to 7-Figure Studio Owner - Behrad Mirafshar

7:00pm - 7:50pm: Keynote talk: Navigating Chaos: How to Thrive in an Ever-Evolving Design Landscape - Piotr Tomaszewski

7:50pm - 8:15pm: Break

8:15pm - 9:00pm: Keynote talk: How Storytelling Can Change Your Career - Ricardo Brito

About Bonanza Studios

Bonanza Studios is a product design studio. We've been around for four years and during these short amount of time, we've worked with over 50 startups and completed 120+ projects. We've worked with some of the fastest-growing startups, such as Grover, wefox, awork, and Kenjo.

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