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Go Where You're Celebrated: A Black Founders Discussion

Hosted by 43North
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We all know the saying, “Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.” But what does it mean to be celebrated? A higher annual salary, an unexpected bonus or a piece of swag? Is it something simple like a heartfelt pat on the back? 

Now add on the layer of being a  founder of color. “Going where you’re celebrated” may mean access to funding in a grossly underserved community, hiring support to find talent, access to customers or being  a part of a community that looks like you. But the thing that no one ever talks about is that we don’t always know what it means to be celebrated, and it can change depending on your personal and professional journey.  Ready for another layer? As a founder, once you find it, you must build a company that celebrates you and your employees. 

43North and Forge Buffalo want you to join us on Wednesday, June 21, at Unapologetic Coffee from 11:30 am to 1 pm for a round table discussion featuring founders, employees, investors and other members of Buffalo’s startup and tech ecosystem centered around what it means to go where you’re celebrated, how you can find places where you’ll be celebrated and how we can work together to build a community centered around celebration. 


11:30 AM - Registration & Networking

12 PM - Discussion

12:45 PM - Q&A

1 PM - Wrap