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Workshop: Let's talk about colour

Hosted by Axelle Vanquaillie & Verity Harrison
Past Event
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Colour is a language in itself. We can use colour to create a narrative, bring clarity and give our messages visual coherence.  More often than not the exact opposite effect is achieved.  In this workshop Drawifier Verity Harrison will guide you through some simple steps to follow to make sure your use of colour in your drawings makes a real impact and gives them that WOW factor.

Apart from being a Drawifier, graphic recorder, illustrator and animator, Verity has a degree in Textile Design - which is where she got her love of colour and honed her skills at working with reduced palettes. 

Things we will cover: 

  • The colour wheel and the different groups of colours - monochrome, complementary, analogous etc…

  • Why less is more

  • Creating a colour hierarchy to bring clarity

  • Creating your own palette

  • Tips and tricks 

Hope to see you there!