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Polygon zkEVM Deployment

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Polygon Labs has been pioneering research and development of ZKPs through their zkEVM initiative. The zkEVM is Polygon's implementation of a ZK rollup optimized for Ethereum compatibility and low gas fees. It will enable Ethereum-based dApps to seamlessly migrate to a fast, scalable and private zkRollup sidechain backed by the security of the Ethereum mainnet.

The workshop will be led by Jarrod Watts, Developer Relations Engineer at Polygon Labs. In this workshop, we will start with a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of ZKPs and how they work. We will then dive into the architecture and capabilities of Polygon's zkEVM, including its integration with the wider Polygon ecosystem.

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​​What you can learn from this workshop?

  • Comprehensive Introduction to ZKPs

  • Foundation of Polygon's zkEVM

  • Insights Into zkEVM Use Cases

  • zkEVM integration with the Polygon ecosystem


​Sep 13, 14:00-14:30pm, SGT

​Workshop Rewards

​​Attendance will received a NFT as reward once complete the session. The holders of this NFT will have a chance to access Moledao’s potential Airdrop in the future, and more!

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