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Event Information

Facilitation, doing workshops, being the MC in meetings, leading a sprint… all these are magically productive, bring people together to collaborate and can be the source of great inspiration, motivation and bang-on ideas.

But they can also be really challenging to conceptualize and prepare — especially if you have to do it alone. This is where this clinic comes in. Let's put our brains and hearts together to help each others build fantastic strategy workshops, brainstorming meet-ups, design sprints, design thinking workshops for learning or working, all flavors are welcome!

How will this work?

Each week we collect workshop problems and challenges from you out there (send them to us! you can find the button down there 👇) and choose one to give our feedback on and then in a second step brainstorm with everyone who joins the call together about methods, timelines, warm-ups, order of activities and so on to bring the best ideas forward. A true case clinic!

Our idea is to have a big feedback party — a free exchange of knowledge around how to make people work together nicely to achieve a goal. So if you are interested in learning more methods, getting inspiration and contribute to a concrete challenge...join us!

Send your workshop case to us!

Let’s say you need to prepare a strategy workshop for next month and you have some ideas about how to do it but you feel kind of stuck, not really sure how this all can fit together and want to freshen things up a bit… send it as a case to us!

  • Best thing you can do: Send your agenda, even if its not done yet

  • Describe briefly how this workshop will haben: What is the setting: virtual/physical, who will be your participants etc.

  • Tell us about your goals: What do you want to achieve?

Be assured that we will handle all data carefully and only for the purpose of this clinic. If you have any questions feel free to ask, we will find a way!


  1. Welcoming 👋

  2. Quick case presentation

  3. Feedback from us 🤹

  4. Peer Brainstorming with everyone in breakouts 🌸

  5. Sharing ✋ and reflecting

  6. Fastest networking ever & gooooooodbye

Privacy Alert 🚨

We will record the whole thing and it will be archived in as well as on our Youtube channel since we want to make the insights available to as many people as possible. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, please don’t activate your camera, make sure your name is not visible etc.

About us

I am Julius from EX Lab in Berlin. We design life-changing workplaces with you. From outstanding onboarding, to social learning initiatives to appreciative performance reviews — together with our partners we co-create experiences that make work a place for enthusiasm and growth! Together with some talented collaborators from our network I will host this clinic.

Workshops, collaboration, co-creation, social learning are not buzzwords to us but very concrete ways of working that we employ everyday with our clients and partners. Sooo, we have gotten good at it. We want to share that and support the community to create better workshops and meetings to get the work done together, with a smile.