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Fast-Track Effective Security Analysis with MetaScan

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About Event

As blockchain adoption grows, the need for smart contract security audits becomes increasingly crucial. This workshop aims to equip audiences with the skills to effectively utilize MetaScan for smart contract security analysis.

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What you can learn from this workshop?

  • Quickly validate vulnerabilities in smart contracts

  • Evaluate severity levels & Make mitigation recommendations

  • Sharpen skills for hands-on comprehensive auditing


Session 1: Basics about blockchain security risks & Intro of MetaScan

Sep 13, 10:30-11:30am, SGT

Session 2: Advanced Smart Contract Audit Practice with MetaScan AI features

Sep 14, 10:00-11:00am, SGT

​Workshop Rewards

​​Attendance will received a NFT as reward once complete the session. The holders of this NFT will have a chance to access Moledao’s potential Airdrop in the future, and more!

About MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs is the world’s leading provider of Web3 AI security services. Our range of services includes AI Security Scanning, Security Audits, Security Monitoring, and Open Source Smart Contract Templates. We offer fast, accurate, and cost-efficient solutions through every stage of the project development lifecycle to help builders develop secure Web3 applications with ease.


Twitter: @MetaTrustLabs

About Moledao

​moledao is a social platform for all blockchain enthusiasts to learn, grow and contribute to build more innovative ideas. Moledao brings rich resources and opportunities to developers, hackers and information security programmers to help them succeed in their entrepreneurship and job hunting.


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