Cover Image for Workable Web3 Summit - Towards Blockchain Usability
Cover Image for Workable Web3 Summit - Towards Blockchain Usability
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Workable Web3 Summit - Towards Blockchain Usability

Hosted by Virtual Labs & Halborn
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Denver, Colorado
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After hosting 150 attendees and 23 speakers representing 18 companies worth over $4 billion at Devconnect, Workable Web3 Summit is back for ETH Denver!

Join us on February 29th in downtown Denver for an even bigger, better, and grander event.

For ETH Denver, Workable will also host a Demo Day AND hacker house in partnership with Builder's Tribe. Hackers who stay at the hacker house will receive free housing. Demo Day participants will present to the audience and compete for prizes. Founders and/or hackers can apply to both here. Investors should check out our VIP tickets for voting rights on the Demo Day panel and exclusive coffee chats!

We are excited to announce speakers from Aztec, O1 Labs, Manta Network, and more! Stay tuned as we announce more speakers and the schedule as we approach the event. If you have an idea and want to speak, we're also taking speaker applications.

Apply to be a speaker:

Apply to the hacker house and/or demo day:

Here are some of the speakers.

And here is the venue!

WHY ATTEND? Workable is all about bringing together innovators in the fields of interoperability, scalability, and useability to promote mainstream adoption. Together, these three characteristics define what #Workable is. If you are interested in investing in demo day and hacker house builders, partnering with large ecosystems, or earning $500 in free prizes through our live trading competition, come hang out with us!


VIRTUAL LABS: Streamlining Web3 UX Through ZK State Channels, Binance Incubator Backed by Inception Capital, Near Foundation

MANTA NETWORK: The ZK Modular L2 | Backed by Polychain, Binance Labs, Polygon Labs, and LayerZero Labs

COCHILLI: Spicing up onchain betting


NodeKit: Building the Next Generation of Rollups

DWF Labs: Global digital asset market maker ∙ Multi-stage Web3 investment firm

Decrypt: A next-generation media company. Powered by AI & Web3.

Builders Tribe: Founders share weekly updates and have access to Mentorship from Industry Leaders, Grants, 250+ VCs.

Yale Blockchain: Yale University's premier blockchain association.



Here is the tentative schedule. This is subject to change up to the day of the event:

10-11am: Coffee and Networking

11am - 12pm: Demo Day

12pm: Lunch Break + Networking

12:45pm: CoChilli Keynote - Trading Competition

1:05pm: Animoca Keynote-  Future of Web3 Gaming

1:20pm: Useability and Scalability Panel - ZeroGravity, Blocto, Harvard, Virtual Labs

1:50pm: ZK Panel

2:20pm: Fireside chat with Halborn + Virtual Labs

2:50pm: Coffee Break + Networking

3:20pm: Aztec Keynote - Recent Advancements in ZK

3:40pm: Interoperability Panel - NodeKit, Waku, Aethos, Virtual Labs

4:10pm: Networking Break

5:00pm: Virtual Keynote -  Streamlining Web3 UX Through ZK State Channels

5:30pm: Manta Network - Closing Remarks

We can't wait to see you there!

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Denver, Colorado
589 Going