Cover Image for Women Who Future(s) | Day 1
Cover Image for Women Who Future(s) | Day 1
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Women Who Future(s) | Day 1

Hosted by Women who Futures
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About Event

About Women Who Future(s)

Women Who Future(s) emerged from the desire to create safe spaces that promote and celebrate the work of women engaged in thought-provoking discussions in the future(s) and foresight field. Here, diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality take center stage. This event advocates for transforming the field to be more inclusive and supportive while also recognizing how women bring unique perspectives to their practices.

About the Event: This ONLINE event has been carefully curated to unfold over 4 days, showcasing 38 amazing women from diverse backgrounds—academics, designers, storytellers, journalists, chefs, artists. In 24 sessions, including workshops, conversations, panels, experiences, and more, you're invited to reflect, feel, and engage in thought-provoking discussions.

The sessions will cover a wide range of topics, from indigenous futures to food systems, animal welfare, peace and security, feminism, narrative creation, education, science fiction stories, positive signals of change, intersectionality and nuances of identity, influences of language on our images of the future, and much more.

Who can attend?

Women Who Future(s) is open to everyone willing to embrace uncertainty, welcome a sense of discomfort, cross-pollinate knowledge, and celebrate diversity and inclusion—always with full respect and an open mind.

This follows a pay-what-you-want model as a way to show appreciation for all the women who have generously donated their time and effort to make this event possible. Your contribution helps us continue fostering these spaces, ensuring that more women can join next time.

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