Courage Muscle Jam



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Event Information

โ€‹Welcome to the Courage Muscle Jams

โ€‹Every month we gather to support and celebrate living with more courage, greater energy, and increased clarity.

โ€‹The jams are designed for us:

  • โ€‹To dive deeper, ask questions, and learn how others ignite their inner fire towards action

  • โ€‹To celebrate and grow from others sharing wins, progress, or anything Courage Muscle related

โ€‹Going through the Courage Muscle Training is encouraged but definitely not required to participate in these jams. Here are the three main concepts the training goes through.

  1. โ€‹Courage ๐Ÿ’ช "Fear Equals Opportunity " - Courage to act and rewire your mind so that fear equals opportunity

  2. โ€‹Energy โšก๏ธ Strong State - Courage to do what's needed to farm living in a consistent strong state

  3. โ€‹Clarity ๐Ÿง  StoryWatch - Courage to capture your mind's stories driving your actions

โ€‹People arrive at these jams having gone through the Courage Muscle Training on their own or with other coaches, as a TeacherWarrior or a proud Misfit, or from the Transcending Stuttering or Twitter universe.

โ€‹Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

โ€‹For private workshops reach out to [email protected]

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