Cover Image for The Elevate and Engage Summit:  Building the Foundation for Solutions Excellence
Cover Image for The Elevate and Engage Summit:  Building the Foundation for Solutions Excellence
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The Elevate and Engage Summit: Building the Foundation for Solutions Excellence

Hosted by PreSales Collective
Past Event
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馃挕 This PSC Summit is a turbocharged blend of skill-building sessions and lively discussions aimed at helping presales professionals at any level shine brighter in their careers. From mastering the art of confident communication to crafting killer demos that WOW 馃専, we've got you covered. This event isn't just about learning 鈥 it's about transforming your professional game.

馃О The carefully curated sessions span personal skill development in presentations to achieving partnership excellence providing a comprehensive toolkit for professional success.

馃 Plus, with two interactive breakout sessions designed to build meaningful connections with our community , our event promises ample opportunities for growth and collaboration .

馃殌 Don't miss this chance to elevate your professional trajectory and unlock your full potential . Join us for a day packed with discovery , collaboration , and plenty of aha moments.


8:00 - 8:10 am PST: Event Kickoff

8:10 - 8:55 am PST: Keynote Address: Elevating the Engineer: Communicating Your Value Confidently and Clearly with David Duffett

Have you ever wondered why some presales professionals outshine their peers despite having similar technical skills? 馃 The key often lies in their ability to communicate effectively. Whether it's during one-on-one interactions, leading a meeting, or delivering impactful presentations, effective communication serves as the foundation of excellence. Join award-winning speaker David Duffett as he shares three powerful strategies to enhance your communication skills and advance your career, tailored for individuals at any stage.

9:00 - 9:45 am PST: Turning Heads, Tuning In: The Power of Active Listening and Creative Questioning featuring David Jennings

Join us for an interactive session where we dive into the power of active listening and creative questioning. Learn to uncover hidden opportunities and build genuine rapport with your clients. From understanding underlying motivations to sparking meaningful dialogue, discover how these techniques can elevate your professional relationships and help you shine in your career.

9:45 - 10 am PST: Breakout

10:05-10:50 am PST: WOW Factor: Crafting Unforgettable Customer Experiences featuring Maddie Suppon, Sarah Paul, Rew Dickinson, and Paul Vidal

In this dynamic panel discussion, we'll explore proven strategies and techniques for infusing the WOW factor into every customer interaction. Discover tips to tailor presentations to resonate with each client, captivate your audience with storytelling, and build trust through genuine empathy and expertise. It's not just about showcasing product features; it's about creating memorable experiences that resonate long after the demo ends.

10:55 - 11:40 am PST: Cohesive Collaboration: A Playbook for AE-SC Prep and Debrief Excellence featuring Diana Cappello, Amyra de Carion, Lynn Powers, and Cal Watson

Uncover proven strategies for aligning objectives, leveraging strengths, and overcoming challenges in the AE-SC dynamic. Learn to craft a comprehensive playbook for pre-engagement preparation, master post-engagement debriefs, and prioritize client needs for personalized solutions that drive satisfaction. Elevate your sales game through seamless collaboration and heightened performance in this must-attend session.

11:40 - 11:55 am PST: Breakout

11:55-12:00 PST: Closing

Thank you to our partners at Reprise for helping make this event possible.

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