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Webflow Kolkata Meetup 2: Build Landing Page with Webflow

Hosted by Soumyadeep Mandal
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Have you ever wanted to create your own website, but felt intimidated by coding or overwhelmed by the options? If so, this meetup is for you!

Join us for a fun and interactive session where we will show you how to build your first website in minutes using Webflow, a no-code platform that lets you design and publish websites without writing any code.

No prior experience or knowledge is required. All you need is a laptop and a free Webflow account.

This meetup is suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics of web design and development, as well as for designers and developers who want to explore a new tool and workflow.

Space is limited to 15 people, so please RSVP to secure your spot. We look forward to seeing you there!

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