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Functional Instead of Flawless

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About Event

About the Event

How can adopting a “less-than-perfect” mindset help us build better architecture? As practitioners in a field that requires designing precise solutions for complex problems, we spend a lot of time searching for the right answer. Let’s discuss how we can be more effective, persuasive, and unhampered by abandoning the right answer.

About the Speaker

The speaker for this interactive event is Jael Schultz. Jael has been working in digital strategy for over a decade, specializing in content strategy and information architecture. She’s currently in-role as a Content Architect at American Express. Her education is in design, which gives her a unique lens on visual problem solving, and she enjoys messy information problems, mapping concepts as visuals, and creating order from chaos.

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Let's discover the power of embracing a 'less-than-perfect' mindset in architecture with Jael in this World IA Cafe.

The World IA Café is a speaker series hosted by the World Information Architecture Association (WIAA), supported by the Rutgers Master of Business and Science (MBS) Program.

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