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After shifting into a design manager role, Beau will share some of the main things he has learned and what it means to manage designers instead of doing design on a daily basis. It's a big shift that a lot of designers consider and grapple with, so his hope is that his experience can be helpful in designing personal careers.

About the Speaker

The speaker for this interactive event is Beau Ulrey. After an education in graphic design and photography, Beau quickly fell in love with interaction design as a way to positively impact large groups of people and connect them with brands in richer ways. Over the last 2 years, he shifted from defining pixels to managing several teams creating the enterprise design system at a U.S. Bank. He uses empathy and good design to help teammates be successful and reach their goals. Beau writes from time to time about interaction design, managing teams, and collaborating with other disciplines. Away from the screen, you’ll find him hiking, keeping plants partially alive, and exploring new places with his family and camera.

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Join World IA Cafe with Beau as he shares his experience of transitioning from a designer to a design manager role.

The World IA Café is a speaker series hosted by the World Information Architecture Association (WIAA), supported by the Rutgers Master of Business and Science (MBS) Program.