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Marketing in the Age of AI: What Startups & Creatives Need to Know About the Changing Creative Industry LA #TechWeek

Hosted by Katrina Hercules & Tech Week
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Join us for a networking mixer and an enlightening discussion on the impact of technology on the marketing industry and how it affects startups and creatives.

The new era of AI, Figma, Canva, and other platforms is rapidly transforming the way we approach creative work. At our event, we'll explore how these tools are empowering startups to access high-quality, low-cost solutions that are reshaping the traditional process of creative development.

Discover why it's crucial for creatives seeking to be hired by startups to understand the available options and how to assess quality. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in this new era of efficient and cost-effective creative development.

Our presentation will be followed by a networking mixer with food and drinks available for purchase.



Katrina Hercules and Kevin Oberbauer, Trade Secret:
Katrina and Kevin are founders of Trade Secret, a new advising platform for industry experts to share insight on navigating the rapidly changing professional landscape. 

Katrina is a brand strategist who works with growth-stage companies as well as major brands like Honda, Microsoft, and BCG. She has a background in design and has served as a faculty at ArtCenter College of Design teaching professional practices for creatives.

Kevin is an award winning creative director and brand strategist who has partnered with leading brands like: Adobe, Apple, Google, and Sonos. He is also a contributing author to multiple titles with the publisher Gestalten. 

Benjamin Lin,
Founder of, a new software platform that allows e-commerce brands to create AI generated TikToks and short form video ads. Before founding, Benjamin worked as a technical program manager for major tech companies including Microsoft, Netflix, and Uber.

Grant Keller, Davant Systems:
Grant is a cofounder of Davant Systems, a software company that puts real-time AI image transformations in your hands. Creative professionals can unlock new avenues of inspiration, quicker ideation and lower production costs. Event guests can explore new worlds as new characters in our in-person interactive installations. Possibilities for artists expand as any medium can be used to produce stunning digital work. New horizons of inspiration await with Davant Systems.

Davant Systems will also run a live demo of their system during the event!

This event is a part of #TechWeek - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem.