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What's New: Fork & Merge

Hosted by The Vertex Project
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Our Fork & Merge webinar will introduce attendees to the concept of views and layers within Synapse, which users can leverage to facilitate training, testing, collaboration, and data segmentation, among other applications. Quick, easy, and computationally cheap to create and merge, views and layers allow analysts to create writable layers that can provide visibility into underlying data and annotations, while protecting that data from undesired changes. Analysts can use this feature to create "scratch spaces" with which to train junior analysts, test new automation, segment data privy to specific privacy controls, and provide different teams with task-specific visibility, among other purposes. In this webinar, we'll go over what views and layers are, how (and why) one would fork a view, what permissions and automation apply to forked views, and how to merge views, as well as discuss several different use cases.