"What even is strategy??" workshop working toward a shared vocabulary

Hosted by Casey Watts!
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Wed Aug 24, 5pm ET — online (video call via Whereby)

Stronger Strategic Leadership

Talking about strategy is hard!

Imagine you've noticed that someone's strategy needs work. You know they are working on this hard, but they're missing something. How can you help?

How can you help them see the gaps in their strategy? How can you deliver feedback in an effective way that helps them really understand what you're saying?

Our language around strategy is murky at best. If you ask 10 people to describe what "strategy" means to them, you'll get 10 different answers.

Once you understand the way other people think about strategy, you will be a much stronger strategic leader!

In This Workshop

Our goal together is to take the word strategy and break it down into its component parts. Like a thesaurus, except actually useful (hah!).

In this workshop we will:

  • share how we each think about strategy

  • brainstorm related concepts/terms

  • collaboratively group related concepts/terms

  • develop a "taxonomy" of how these concepts/terms are related

We will meet on Whereby (a Zoom alternative with better breakout rooms, no installation required). We will use breakout rooms to make sure everyone who wants to actively participate gets a chance to participate. We'll alternate between breakout rooms and the full group.

Later Goal: A Descriptive Taxonomy

Casey is working on a "taxonomy of strategy concepts" based on what people today really think about these concepts terms.

We're not trying to decide on the "right" taxonomy — just trying to describe the implicit taxonomy that's in everyone's heads! (At least, as much as there is one!)

After the event, Casey will run a "card sorting study" based on what we came up with to validate how well our taxonomy maps to what other people think. Science!!

We may end up with something like this diagram from this emotions taxonomy paper, but for strategy-related concepts: